Monday May 8, 2017


$100 + GST

Call or drop into the Skills Centre to register

Temporary Posting – Administrative Assistant

The Princeton Skills Centre is seeking a Temporary Administrative person to fill a vacancy until roughly September 2017.   Our office hours are 8:30am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. The position will range from part time to full hours during this temporary assignment.

The full posting is available on the WorkBC job board in our centre.  Stop down to read more.  This position will be posted until a suitable candidate is found.  Please no phone calls or in person inquiries.  Submit a resume as outlined on the posting.



Well all resumes are functional really, if you think in terms of the resume introducing you, your skills and experience to an Employer.  The objective of the resume is to entice the Employer to interview you, so you can shine and be offered employment.  In the context of this post we are talking about the format of the resume, not its purpose.  The traditional resume that highlights who you worked for and when is a Chronological resume.  It is the most widely used format.  However, used correctly, a Functional resume can do the same thing.  As an Employer, when you see a Functional resume in front of you, don’t automatically assume the candidate is hiding something, take a good read.  The functional resume is highlighting skills that could be valuable to you.  A functional resume is most useful when a candidate is changing careers, or when a young person has no formal work experience but wants to demonstrate their skills on a resume.  Take a closer look.  There is gold in the Functional Resume.

OFA Level 1 This Weekend

OFA Level 1 Saturday April 22, 2017 still has room.  If you need a ticket call our office at 250-295-4051 to register.