Challenging Week at Work? GIVE YOURSELF A GIFT… A MIND SHIFT!


Does it feel like you are walking a tight rope?  Can’t seem to catch a break at work? Well we have all had a bad day or week at work;  welcome to the “Adulting Club”.  Okay your options, hmmm… Do we just quit… grump out, or go ahead, my favorite, take it ~ohhh soo personally???   Heck no!  We Resolve, we Pony up, and Tap into what Top Employers are calling the most valuable attributes and skills in the workplace: Positivity & Resiliency.

   We know that there is huge research surrounding the Mindfulness field and its positive impact on employee retention and overall well being , but we also know there are a few of us that need some help getting started with resources to begin our training and practice.   Now, buckle up! This training is for Goliath; NOT for the faint of heart.  This will require you to suspend your pesky “I deserve R-E-S-P-E-C-T” Ego, “Victim Mentality” and lean into the discomfort of oh geeze, that touch feely~ Vulnerability.  Thinking and Behaving like a PRO does not come easy in this fast moving, abrasive and selfish world of work, it requires:

  1. Laughter: at Yours Truly:  It’s all pretty funny 🙂 Did you know that laughing triggers Happy?
  2. Pause: “Stop- Drop- Stroll”- Mindfulness ~ Build on your ability to RESPOND as a Pro! Hey.. have you thought about how you may have contributed to this?
  3. Think: When you are 90, do you want to be remembered as a Class Act or a Royal Pain in the @$$?
  4. Learn: Increase your ability to not take things sooo darn personally– Thank you Don Migual Ruiz of The Four Agreements 🙂

So Go Ahead give yourself a GIFT and Shift your Mind! In the meantime here a few favorite videos to encourage  laughter… the Happiness Maker!

15 Short Videos to make you Chuckle after a bad day at WORK!!