Relaxing in our new “zen” staff room this week, Leah picked up a book called “WELLBEING” written by Tom Rath and Jim Harter.  In this book these authors identify 5 essential elements of Wellbeing.  These are: Career, Social, Financial, Physical and Community.  Looking at Career Wellbeing it is identified that when the element of having meaningful purpose in your day that work brings, or even volunteer service can provide, the other 4 elements of well being are easier to achieve.  In other words, when Career WellBeing is out of sync, it is harder to achieve and maintain wellness in the other 4 elements.  So if you are feeling out of sorts, things are not shaping up, and you are struggling with unemployment, this study is very good incentive for you to connect with a career practitioner and get yourself ready to move forward towards overall wellbeing by addressing this first element.


WELLBEING Resources:                                      http://www.wbfinder.com/home.aspx