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Welcome to  Education to Go, or as we call it Ed2Go.
Here you can access over 300 general interest courses from basic computer instruction to art appreciation, and business administration to veterinary assistant.

  • Courses start once per month and run for 6 weeks. Lessons are released twice per week.
  • Most courses cost $115.00 plus GST making this option not only easily accessible, but highly affordable.
  • The majority of courses are subject matters that are universal, however some courses are based on US content, and we have identified these for your convenience.
  • Browse the online catalogue where you will find course overviews, detailed syllabus of lessons, and prior student reviews.

Check out the FAQ section and learn more about Education to Go

education to go


How long are your courses?
Unless otherwise specified, all courses run for six weeks. You will be granted access to two lessons each week for six weeks. Each lesson will be accompanied by a short, multiple-choice quiz, and some lessons may also include a hands-on assignment. The course will conclude with a final exam. You will have two weeks after your course ends to complete your studies and submit the final exam for evaluation.

What happens if I’ll be away on business/vacation during part of the class?
No problem! There’s a two-week grace period built right into each of our quizzes and final exams. As long as you can live with that two week time frame, you can read each lesson at your leisure, and complete each assignment when it is convenient for you. That’s the beauty of taking an online course–they’re designed to fit your schedule–not your instructor’s!
If you start to fall behind, we are more than willing to grant you an automatic ten day extension at the end of the course.

How will I receive my lessons, quizzes and assignments?
A: Each course comes complete with an online classroom. You will be able to use your web browser to access the online classroom and obtain your course material and communicate with your instructor.

What happens if I have a question?
Each of your lessons is accompanied by an interactive discussion area. When you need help with a lesson, all you have to do is post your question or inquiry in the appropriate course discussion area, where the instructor, his or her teaching assistant, or one of your fellow students will respond.

When we miss a question on the quiz, you tell us why we missed it, but you don’t tell us the right answer. Why not?
Our quizzes use a diminishing multiple choice format. When you miss a question, you will receive an explanation as to why your answer was incorrect. You are then expected to do the research needed to find the correct answer. You will retain the material much better if you take the responsibility for answering our questions instead of relying on us to answer them for you.