The Education to Go online learning centre is a division of the Princeton Skills Centre programming department.  These general interest online learning courses are excellent starters or full learning opportunities depending on your needs.  What we mean by this is that sometimes people want to explore an educational area, or they haven’t been in a learning situation for a long time and they are unsure of the commitment, or have never taken an online course before and want to see if they can learn in this style.  There are a variety of reasons why Ed2Go may be the right fit.

Without making a large commitment of say $600-700 for a course and 6 months of your time, Ed2Go is extremely affordable with most courses starting at $115.00 + GST and requires only 6 weeks of your time.


Over 300 online courses.  Check out what we have to offer through www.ed2go.com/princetoncsc


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What is WORKBC?

WorkBC services in Princeton are full service Employment Resource Centre services.  This means, that we have resources for the independent job searcher: such as Computer and Printer access, Copy & Faxing services, Job Board for local and regional jobs, Tip Sheets and more!.  In addition to the Independent Services, if you need some additional help we have Case Management services where you will work 1-1 with an Employment Advisor who can aid in resume, cover letter and job search general.  There are more specialized services available to those who qualify such as access to Training, Self Employment and Wage Subsidy’s.

If you are unemployed or “underemployed” – working less than 20 hours per week, and need an extra hand, book an appointment with an Employment Advisor.  

See you soon!


Challenging Week at Work? GIVE YOURSELF A GIFT… A MIND SHIFT!


Does it feel like you are walking a tight rope?  Can’t seem to catch a break at work? Well we have all had a bad day or week at work;  welcome to the “Adulting Club”.  Okay your options, hmmm… Do we just quit… grump out, or go ahead, my favorite, take it ~ohhh soo personally???   Heck no!  We Resolve, we Pony up, and Tap into what Top Employers are calling the most valuable attributes and skills in the workplace: Positivity & Resiliency.

   We know that there is huge research surrounding the Mindfulness field and its positive impact on employee retention and overall well being , but we also know there are a few of us that need some help getting started with resources to begin our training and practice.   Now, buckle up! This training is for Goliath; NOT for the faint of heart.  This will require you to suspend your pesky “I deserve R-E-S-P-E-C-T” Ego, “Victim Mentality” and lean into the discomfort of oh geeze, that touch feely~ Vulnerability.  Thinking and Behaving like a PRO does not come easy in this fast moving, abrasive and selfish world of work, it requires:

  1. Laughter: at Yours Truly:  It’s all pretty funny 🙂 Did you know that laughing triggers Happy?
  2. Pause: “Stop- Drop- Stroll”- Mindfulness ~ Build on your ability to RESPOND as a Pro! Hey.. have you thought about how you may have contributed to this?
  3. Think: When you are 90, do you want to be remembered as a Class Act or a Royal Pain in the @$$?
  4. Learn: Increase your ability to not take things sooo darn personally– Thank you Don Migual Ruiz of The Four Agreements 🙂

So Go Ahead give yourself a GIFT and Shift your Mind! In the meantime here a few favorite videos to encourage  laughter… the Happiness Maker!

15 Short Videos to make you Chuckle after a bad day at WORK!!

2017-2018 Course Calendar is in the MAKING!!!

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We are hard at work putting together Professional & Personal Development for the Princeton & Surrounding Areas!  Offering numerous courses Onsite in Health & Safety, Computers, & Hospitality and  Over 300+ Online Courses in Business, Computers, Health and Wellness thru our Education Partner @ Ed 2 Go! We will be continuing to offer our MATRIX Employment Programs for Youth and Specialized Employment Services thru WORKBC. 

Oh and Hey… we are going GREEN this year!  You will be able to view our calendar anytime online and we will make copies available to you in our centre as well! 

Look for Our Calendar in a few short days 🙂