We graduated 9 students from a youth employment program recently, and today we are reflecting on the courage it takes for a job seeker to approach an employer.  Confidence may not be high in someone looking for work.  Job seekers question their skills, their value and their potential to be a great employee.  Our employment programs work to build their courage, to help them find their confidence and recognize that each and every person has value to the workplace.  Not everyone is well suited, but everyone deserves the opportunity to prove themselves.  Practice does contribute a great deal to the improvement in a job seekers approach and delivery to an Employer.

So when a job seeker comes calling, consider that they may have walked by your business 10 times before entering, they likely rehearsed their opening introduction in the mirror or to a trusted friend, they have spent time visualizing your business and imagining themselves working alongside you.  It takes courage to walk across the threshold.  If you could, reward the courage it took by spending a few minutes in kindness to provide needed experience in this part of the job search process.  They may not be the right fit for you, but your kindness and patience can help them learn within the journey of finding their right fit.  “It takes a village to encourage a job seeker”.  




Registration is open for FALL 2017 intakes!  If you are a Youth between the age of 15-30 years, have never been on EI and  you genuinely want to connect with employment, then stop down and fill out an application for this very successful program VALUED at $2500, but is FREE to eligible participants. In the Fall and will focus on:

Production and Oil & Gas Industries

Courses will include:

Ives Forklift Training~ H2S Alive~ Fall Protection~ Confined Space~Transportation of Dangerous Goods~CSTS

Employment & Life Skills and Career Planning will be incorporated into this 6 week program, priming you for the Job Market! Come on… Let’s Do this Job Thing!!!

Call Leah at 250-295-4051 or enroll online here today!


If you are wondering if there are any jobs in Princeton, the answer is YES!.  Our job board is full of great opportunities from entry level hospitality & service, to general labour, and further to some exceptional career opportunities.  Stop in at the WorkBC resource area in the Princeton Skills Centre at 206 Vermilion Avenue and check this job board out!!

If you need resume assistance there are resources and knowledgeable people to give you a hand.  See you Monday!!